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Rifle Association of Andhra Pradesh was re-established in 2003 and since then it is actively involved in promoting shooting in many districts and in state. Rifle Association of A.P as conducted various demonstration and awareness program in Nalgonda, Mehaboobnagar, Kurnool, Guntur, Nellore, R.R, Medak, Vijayawada, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Hyderabad districts with actively promotion of Shooting in A.P as the Andhra Pradesh Sports School, Central School and Osmania University as included shooting in their sports calendar year program.

R.A.A.P individually conducted 1st Afro Asian Games in 2003 in which more than 30 countries participated. R.A.A.P also conducted Coaching Camp in 2003 in which more than top 100 shooters and officials were involved. The ‘Sanghi Group’ company provided them the accommodations and boarding at free of cost. Many shooters from Andhra Pradesh learned and utilized the services of Indian and Foreign coaches.

In the year 2004, the R.A.A.P is in association with Rifle Association of Ranga Reddy district conducted 1st Open District Shooting competitions. In this competition around 120 shooters from 12 districts have participated. Since then the district associations are actively conducted their open competitions. Later in 2005 Hyderabad district conducted their even 1st open competition. Around 130 shooters participated from 8 districts Rifle Association of A.P for the 1st time conducted state level by Big Bare Shooting competition at Premavathipet Shooting ranges in year 2006. 48 shooters participated and 35 have been qualified for G.V.Mavalankar Shooting Competition. In the next year R.A.A.P conducted their 2nd Big Bare state level competitions at Military Shooting ranges Bolaram in which around 62 shooters participated and 52 have been selected for G.V.Mavalankar.

At the other end the R.A.A.P for the 1st time conducted their 1st South Zone Shooting competition in 2005 at Gachibowli, Hyderabad, in which 4 States shooters had participated. Likewise they have conducted their 2nd and 3rd competition consecutively.

With active promotions of shooting in A.P. the N.R.A.I has allotted the 47th N.S.C.C to Hyderabad, with all the support from members & R.A.A.P they have successfully conducted the 47th N.S.C.C in which around 880 shooters from all over India have participated. R.A.A.P also introduced shooting in Government schools, G.H.M.C and Military Schools. The schools and G.H.M.C every year conduct their Annual Summer Coaching comp at N.T.R Stadium, Victory playground and in many schools. In 2009 N.R.A.I has again allotted 49th NSIL to R.A.A.P. In this National Competition, the R.A.A.P got identification in All India Level. This competition was conducted same as like an International Competition. In this competition all the Ministers, M.P’s and C.M were involved to make a grand success.

Since then R.A.A.P is instrumental in bringing new shooters in All India Level. The shooters who won medals at International Competitions are:

  • 1.Verma Reddy Anish
  • 2.Manda Snigdha
  • 3.Rashmee Rathore
  • 4.Ashar Noria
  • 5.Kyam Chenai
  • 6.Amit Sanghi
  • 7.Abdul Haq Khan
  • 8.Taher Quadri
  • 9.Abhinav Ram Reddy

The list follows continuously.

XIX Andra Pradesh State Shooting Competitions 2018 Medal Winners

  • 1. D. Kavya Supriya
  • 2. Dheeraj