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Since it's formation, Rifle Association of A.P. has been actively engaged in promotion of Shooting Sport in the State as well as at National Level.

In 1999 A.P. Rifle Association has conducted its 1st State meet with the help of N.C.C. Director at NCC Directorate Shooting ground at Secunderabad. In this competition 45 shooters participated from 4 districts. The competition was conducted in Air Rifle, .22 Rifle and .32 pistol events for men and women.

In 2000 A.P. Rifle Association conducted the 2nd state meet with the help of NCC Director at NCC Directorate shooting ground at Secunderabad. In these competitions the participant's number was increased to 80 from 6 districts. The competitions were held in Air Rifle,.22 Rifle and .32 pistol for men and women.

In 2001 A.P. Rifle Association conducted 3rd state meet with the help of NCC Director at NCC Directorate shooting ground at Secunderabad. In these competitions the participants were 125 from 9 districts. The competitions were held in Air Rifle, 22 and .32 pistol for men and women.

In 2002 A.P. Rifle Association conducted 4th State meet with the help of Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh at S.A.A.P shooting range, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. This competition was the turning point for the Association as it introduced shotgun events like Skeet,Trap and Double Trap events. The competition was held for men and women in .22 Rifle, .32 Pistol, Air Rifle events. The total number of participants were 155.

The Rifle Association of Andhra Pradesh is conducting competitions with funds collected through their own resources.

During 1st Afro-Asian games in 2003, R.A.A.P co-ordinated with S.A.A.P and N.R.A.I in organizing this event. Around 16 countries participated from two continents.

With the success of 1st Afro-Asian Games the N.R.A.I has requested R.A.A.P to conduct the 47th National Shooting Championship Competitions. There were 6 shooters from Andhra Pradesh who took part in this competition. After the Nationals the N.R.A.I again allotted R.A.A.P to conduct coaching camp for the Indian squad shooters.

R.A.A.P conducted 1st summer coaching camp in 2005. In this camp 6 girls and 28 boys took part and the camp was for 25 days. Out of 34 shooters 16 shooters were qualified for State meet and participated in the G.V.Mavlankar competitions in Coimbatore and further in nationals.

R.A.A.P conducted its 5th State Shooting Championship Competition in 2004 in which 160 shooters participated and 34 have been qualified for per-nationals. In promotion of shooting in districts, R.A.A.P has conducted coaching cum introductory shooting in various districts like Kurnool,Mahaboob Nagar, Medak, Nalgonda and Guntur.The response in Kurnool was excellent and the no.of shooters attended were about 300 and in Medak the shooters were above 150.

R.A.A.P was the first association in India to conduct the 1st Big Bore State Shooting Competitions in Premavathipet police range. In this competition there were 46 shooters from Police team and civil category.

Looking at the active participation in promoting the shooting sport, N.R.A.I. had requested R.A.A.P to conduct 3rd Sardar Sajjan Singh Sethi’s Memorial Masters meet 2005 at Hyderabad. The top shooters from All over India participated and attracted many young shooters to take up shooting sport.

Likewise R.A.A.P has conducted 2nd summer coaching camp and appointed a permanent coach to train the young shooters. In this camp there were 45 shooters who took part. With this encouragement given by R.A.A.P many participated in per-nationals and Nationals. One silver was won by Mr.Anish in Jr.Category and one gold by Ms. Snigdha in Jr. Category,dividing the Air Rifle Event in 47th National Shooting Championship Competitions.

In 2005 R.A.A.P in co-ordination with Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad conducted its 1st Summer Camp at N.T.R.stadium. This camp was inaugurated by Mayor Mr. Teegala Krishna Reddy and Secretary General Mr. Amit Sanghi of R.A.A.P. This camp proved to the masses that shooting sport is not a rich man game. The number of participants were 48 with girls comprising 12 in number. Shooting sport was thus introduced in the city and many people came to know about the shooting sport.

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R.A.A.P in co-ordination with Ranga Reddy district conducted annual shooting competitions for the 1st time in 2005 at S.A.A.P shooting ranges,Gachibowli, Hyderabad. This was the open district meet. There were about 6 districts who participated in these competitions. The total no of shooters were 67 out of which 12 were girls. R.A.A.P in co-ordination with Hyderabad District Rifle Association conducted 1st Hyderabad Open meet in 2006, the no. of participants being 48 boys and 6 girls. It was an encouraging event. Hyderabad district has decided to conduct its annual competitions regularly.

In 2006, R.A.A.P again conducted its 3rd summer coaching camp at S.A.A.P and at N.T.R. Stadium simultaneously and also in Kurnool, Krishna, Guntur,Nellore and Nalgonda Districts. R.A.A.P has always encouraged shooting in districts and in Hyderabad.

R.A.A.P conducted its 6th A.P.state meet and invited all the affiliated districts to participate in these competitions. The response from districts was overwhelming. The no.of participants was 180. The girls were 26 in various events. R.A.A.P has also conducted 2nd A.P.State Big Bore competitions at E.M.E. military shooting range. The participants were both civillians and from Police Teams. In this competitions there were 3 new records in open sight category and peep sight.

N.R.A.I has again requested R.A.A.P to conduct 49th National Shooting Championship Competitions at Hyderabad. The competition was like an International event. The total no. of participants were around 1200. All the International and National level shooters participated. R.A.A.P has selected 34 shooters to participate in the competition. A.P. shooters won Gold in Air Rifle Men and Jr. Men and Bronze in Air Rifle Women. Gold in Skeet Men and Silver in Trap and many team medals were won by A.P. shooters.

R.A.A.P has introduced shooting in schools aswell,and there are 3 schools in Hyderabad where the shooting is practiced. The schools are 1) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 2) Jain International School & 3) Jubilee Hills International School

In XVI G.V.Mavlankar, A.P. Boys performed well and won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and the gold was won with a new record.

For the 3rd time R.A.A.P. has conducted Annual Summer Camp at S.A.A.P shooting ranges and at N.T.R. stadium Municipal Ground in Kurnool , Little Flower School in Guntur, Municipal Ground in Tirupathi. and R.A.A.P has purchased six open sight Air Rifles for this camp. Three Rifles were kept at S.A.A.P shooting range and three at N.T.R. stadium .In the S.A.A.P shooting range the no.of new shooters were 42 and the no.of shooters at N.T.R. stadium were 48. The camp was conducted for 30 days. Many shooters from N.T.R. stadium and S.A.A.P shooting ranges took shooting seriously and are practicing regularly at Gachibowli.

R.A.A.P in co-ordination with Ranga Reddy district conducted III R.R.District open shooting competitions. In this competition .22 prone events is introduced for the first time and the medals were also awarded to the M.Q.S attained shooters. The total no. of shooters were 72.

The District associations of RAAP had been doing an excellent job. The Rifle Association Of Hyderabad District conducted 5 yearly competitions from 2006 to 2010. These competitions were held in all the categories which were timed just before the state meet so as to prepare the shooters for the state and national level competitions. Around 150-200 shooters used to take part in these competitions and were organised by Mr. Viqar Ahmed Shafeeq, Hon. General Secretary Of Rifle Association Of Hyderabad District.

In the year of 2011, RAAP successfully conducted its 12 th annual state meet and saw a participation of 300 shooters.

In the year of 2012, RAAP successfully conducted its 13 th annual state meet and saw a participation of 350 shooters.

R.A.A.P is also conducting regularly South Zone Shotgun Shooting Championship Competitions where in shooters from various states are taking active part. The last competition the 4th South Zone shotgun Championship Competition held in 2012.


These competitions were organized on a short notice of 3 weeks on the request of NRAI. The competitions were scheduled to be held in Punjab but due to technical constraints the competitions were moved to Hyderabad.

RAAP left no stone UN turned to grab the opportunity and make the competitions a grand success.

The inauguration ceremony of both the competitions were held on 10th April 2013.

THE 22ND ALL INDIA G.V.MAVLANKAR COMPETITION IN BIG BORE competitions were conducted from 10th to 14 April 2013 and the Prize Distribution ceremony was held on 14th April 13. The competition was the largest in terms of the numbers wherein 300 shooters from the services and civilian categories participated. The highlight of the completion was the participation of Zain-Ul-Abedein a 12 year old boy from Hyderabad studying at the Nasr School in 6th standard scored a mammoth 547/600.

The other achievement was of Mr. Md. Hyder Khan who scored a 555/600 to clinch a silver medal for A.P

56TH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION IN BIGBORE had started on the 15th and today ( 20th Aprill) we are witnessing the prize distribution ceremony.

The credit goes to RAAP and its committed office bearers to make these competitions a grand success.

The efforts of the Army in lending the range, the police giving the man power , the A.P shooters who have contributed individually to make this event happen, the event sponsor the VISHAKA group and the volunteers are highly commendable.

It is the team work of all these people and organizations by which this competitions were held.

Mr. Gautam Sawang, IPS, Addl DG APSP who have seen through from the start of these competitions by extending a great support in giving the bud party who have worked tirelessly to help achieving success

Mr. T.S Dillon , Chief Of Jury and coordinator competitions for his exemplary show to make all the shooters in total close to 500 shoot safely and comfortably.