Procedure for participation

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has laid down special regulations for participation in Shooting event of Olympic Games. These regulations came into force from 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Prior to this, participation in Olympic Games was open. Under these regulations, the participation was restricted to a maximum of 430 shooters from all over the world. The number was further reduced to 390 shooters subsequently (Beijing Olympic Games).

According to regulations, shooters having “Quota Place” or “Wild Card” allotted by International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) are only allowed to participate in Olympic Games but the maximum number of shooters from all over world will be 390.

Olympic Events: For Men & Women, there are 15 Olympic Events at present – 9 Men & 6 Women in rifle/pistol & shotgun events. The breakup is as under:

Men Rifle: 50M Rifle 3 Position, 50M Rifle Prone & 10M Air Rifle
Men Pistol: 50M Pistol, 25M Rapid Fire Pistol & 10M Air Pistol
Men Shotgun: Trap, Double Trap & Skeet

Women Rifle: 50M Rifle 3 Position & 10M Air Rifle
Women Pistol: 25M Pistol & 10M Air Pistol
Women Shotgun: Trap & Skeet
“Quota Place” – Quota Place is berth, which a shooter earns from the “ISSF Designated Competition” subject to achieving MQS. The breakup for 390 “Quota Places” for London Olympic Games is as under:

World Championship (Once in a four year) 69
Separate World Championship for Shotgun 05
World Cups 136
Continental Championship (once in four year) Asian 35
Other Continental Championships (once in a year) 112
Host Nation 09 - 366
Wild Card/Tripartite Commission “Invitation Places” (Open) 24 390
Total Quota Places for Men 223
Women 143 - 366
“Quota Place” won by a shooter belongs to the country and NOT to the shooter who won/obtained it. The NSF is at liberty to field any shooter with MQS in Olympic Games.

“Designated Competitions” – At present designated competitions are: World Cups conducted two years prior to the start of Olympic Games, World Championship (once in four year), Continental Championship (Asian Shooting Championship – once in four year) & separate world championship in shotgun events conducted bi-annually.

Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS) – The scores fixed by ISSF for each event are called MQS. The shooter can earn/win a “Quota Place” subject to achieving MQS. The shooters who earn “Quota Place” in one event can also participate in other events (Double Starter) during Olympic Games in case they have achieved MQS during “Designated Competition”. Gagan Narang & Anjali Bhagwat had participated in more than one event as they achieved MQS in other events. The following scores (MQS) have been fixed for each event:

Men Rifle: 50M Rifle Three Position (1135/1200), 50M Rifle Prone (587/600) & 10M Air Rifle (570/600)
Men Pistol: 50M Pistol (540/600), 25M Rapid Fire Pistol (573/600) & 10M Air Pistol (563/600)
Men Shotgun: Trap (112/125), Double Trap (118/150) & Skeet (114/125)

Women Rifle: 50M Rifle 3 Position (555/600) & 10M Air Rifle (375/400)
Women Pistol: 25M Pistol (555/600) & 10M Air Pistol (365/400)
Women Shotgun: Trap (58/75) & Skeet (60/75)

The ISSF allows extra two shooters per event to participate in MQS category during “Designated competitions” to enable the shooters to achieve MQS. Shooters participating under MQS category are not entitled for any ranking, medal or “Quota Place”.

Wild Card (Special “Universality Places”) & Tripartite Commission “Invitation Place” – Till Beijing Olympics, the number of these places was 24. These were given to countries not having any “Quota Place” but shooters of such countries have achieved MQS.

Host Nation – The Host Nation is allowed to field nine shooters subject to achieving MQS.

A Maximum of 28 shooters in 15 events per country is allowed to participate in Olympic Games. In each event, a maximum of two shooters per country except in women shotgun events, are allowed to participate. In women shotgun events, only one shooter per country is allowed. One shooter can obtain only one “Quota Place” for his country. If a shooter who was already a “Quota” holder won a “Quota Place”, and then the “Quota” would go to the next ranking shooter. The regulations for participation in the next Olympic Games are still awaited. The IOC in consultation with ISSF is expected to announce shortly.

In India, the first “Quota Place” was won by Mr. Mansher Singh during the year 1995 for 1996 Athens Olympic Games. Prior to this, Indian shooters participated on “Wild Cards” in Olympic Games. Until Beijing Olympic Games, 21 Indian shooters have won “Quota Places”. Abhinav Bindra won Gold Medal in 10M Air Rifle and RVS Rathore a silver medal in Double Trap event. Since 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, five shooters have reached the Finals of various events with one gold and one silver medal.

Dr Harihar Banerjee was the first shooter to participate in 1952 Olympic Games. Until now, 30 shooters have participated in Olympic Games. Raja Randhir Singh holds the record of participating in a maximum number of Olympics from India – Six in a row from 1964 to 1984.